Stuff U Sell was founded in 2004 to provide full outsourcing services to consumers, businesses, dealers and manufacturers who wish to sell unwanted possessions, excess inventory or liquidated stock, but do not have the time or expertise to do so. We are guided by our underlying principle:

It’s never been easier to sell your stuff

We offer sellers outstanding levels of service and reliability, meaning that all the hard work of finding buyers, collecting payment, shipping and handling returns is dealt with effectively and efficiently. No item is lost, no item is left behind.
Sellers can have as much or as little input as they like – from setting individual selling strategies per item to simply consigning items and banking the cheque. We offer regular updates to keep sellers informed during the process, but we recognise that a key part of the value we provide is allowing sellers to focus on more important matters.

Company Background

Stuff U Sell is a part of a privately held company, Cantalis Ltd, founded by David Brackin and Fraser Pearce in Oct 2004. Seeing a gap in the market for a quality and strategic eBay consignment seller, David and Fraser launched Stuff U Sell.

Based in a 16,000 sq ft warehouse in North-West London, it is seeing consistent annual growth in excess of 140% as customers realise the value of its offering.

David has a Double First in Mathematics from Cambridge and worked as an analyst at McKinsey & Co in London and San Francisco. He has worked in a number of technology-led organisations, and prior to setting up Stuff U Sell was Vice-President of Global Operations at domain-name registrar

Fraser has worked in BT’s strategy unit and subsequently held the post of Research Director at Forrester. Prior to founding Stuff U Sell, he was Director of Technology Analysis at Datamonitor, the industry research firm, where he recognised the need for a quality service which would enable access to new markets. Fraser holds a Mathematics degree from Cambridge University.

For more insight into what is going on at Stuff U Sell, please see our blog