Summary tweets – Summer 2011

  • Great result for our seller here — fetched over £2k for this old John Lennon guitar string on eBay – #fb #
  • Fancy owning one of John Lennon's guitar strings? Authenticated Beatles memorabilia. Our auction ends tomorrow #fb #
  • @nialli We'll guarantee to get at least the Envirophone price — eBay prices but without the hassle. Marvellous. cc @Stephen_A_Moore #
  • @JolyonTuck @shelleyatyler We could have helped do that for you — sell the sellable stuff and donate the rest to charity for you. #
  • @Maid_In_Devon Good luck with your listings! Let us know if we can help with anything. #
  • @Maid_In_Devon It's easier if you are doing lots of listings. We have thousands and do them for anyone who wants to sell on #eBay #
  • @Poojashah08 We collect, sell, send you cheque. Commission is 1/3; we get upto 25% higher prices than novice sellers. Call on 0800 046 1100 #
  • Do give us a shout if we can help out – we do it for a living! RT @Poojashah08 I may need to eBay some clothes soon. Some still have tags on #
  • Do let us know if we can help. We do the work — you get the cash RT @Shelles79 Might even ebay some clothes #
  • @Lani_Lani We specialise in doing eBay selling for you. Higher prices. No hassle. Let us know if we can help! @MaireadKeenan @Daren_Walsh51 #
  • We're listing 2012 items on eBay tonight. Not celebrating the Olympics or anything — just got lots of stuff to sell for our clients. #
  • @grrrth If you want to drop us a list I'll see if we can guarantee to return at least that. – FAO David #
  • @grrrth Ok – Good luck with your sales — do let us know if we can help with anything. #
  • @grrrth How much have Camera World offered for it? #
  • @grrrth If it fits in a box (18") then a tenner to collect by courier. We can get you two guys in a 3.5T truck, but that might be overkill.. #
  • @grrrth 1/3 of your net sales, 1/10 over £500. If we collect we quote for that – where are you? how much stuff? #
  • @eops Let us know if we can help out — we'll collect your items and sell them on eBay for you. #
  • @grrrth We could do it for you — then you get eBay prices and all the hassle-free of a shop. #
  • @lonners1 Do let us know if we can help – if its small we can send a courier to Preston to collect (cc @ingolwhite @CBstang) #
  • Mmm. Team pizza for lunch today. This afternoon's listings are powered by pepperoni. Om nom nom. #fb #
  • Is it time to get fit for summer? A client has asked us to sell this Water Rower for him on eBay:- #
  • We passed 80,000 positive feedback on eBay this weekend. A big thanks to all our loyal customers. #

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