Get the market price without the market hassle

- eBay buyers pay upto 10 times more than "Recycling" website buyers
- Stuff U Sell's experience, reputation and size can get higher prices for your items
- No need to type in barcodes - a completely managed hassle-free service
- Post your items in or use our couriers from anywhere in the UK

Want the market price for your old gadgets?

Time to upgrade your Blackberry? Not using that iMac anymore? Got yourself a new Playstation? Tired of low trade-in prices?

We've all got loads of gadgets that we don't need anymore, but who is going to give you the best price for them? Did you know that the Guardian recently reported than the recycling "Cash-4-Gadgets" websites out there offer you as little as 10% of the eBay price? eBay is the largest market in the UK with over 19m regular users which means you get better prices when you use our service. And rather than offer you a low price up front, we work on commission so we work hard to get you more.

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Sell without the marketplace hassle

We offer a hassle-free service – you can post your items into us, or we can arrange a courier to collect anywhere in the UK for just £15 a box. No need to type in all those barcodes: we do all the legwork – researching and listing your items and send you a cheque when they are sold. Research shows that our eBay experience and reputation we get much higher prices than private sellers – sometimes more than the commission we charge!

Call us now on 0800 046 1100 to discuss how we can help you get more
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Customer Feedback

"When I upgraded to an iPhone 4 and wanted to sell the old iPhone 3G, I received quotes from phone sellers such as Mazuma. I looked at eBay prices and decided to give Stuff U Sell a go. In the end they sold it for even more than the next best quote. I was very pleased with the amount they achieved for me, it was a helpful and efficient service and I will happily use them again."
iPhone 3G with slight damage:

Best quote from
trade-in website: £110

Sold by Stuff U Sell
on eBay for: £193.89

Anthony Seckington – Customer 11878 – Northampton