Want access to 19 million buyers?

Looking for more sales? Bought on eBay but not sold? eBay is in fact the largest marketplace in the UK, with over 19m regular buyers using the site. Quite simply it's too big to ignore and every business needs to have an eBay strategy. But how do you find your way around a marketplace which is competitive, fast-developing, and with some of the most demanding buyers?

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With over 130,000 feedback and Top Rated Seller status, Stuff U Sell is the UKs leading Trading Assistant, one of eBay's top sellers, and ideally placed to work with you to create an eBay strategy. Our senior team have advised Government and many of the UK's leading business so why not get in touch and have a chat? We believe in a collaborative approach to see how our experience and expertise can marry up to your product to get us both more sales. Click here to get in touch or email us stuffusell@stuffusell.co.uk

Customer Feedback

“Arena is one of the UK’s leading online florists. We know a lot about online retail but we don’t have an eBay shop of our own. We wanted to tap into that market and Stuff U Sell provided an easy route in, plus we benefit from their considerable expertise in the eBay way of doing things and their trusted position as a top rated seller.”

Will Wynne – CEO, Arena Flowers – customer 11670