A complete hassle-free solution:

Collection and storage
Appraisal and listing
Shop management, pricing and relisting strategies
Payment processing, buyer queries and fraud prevention
Managing postage, tracking returns and account settlement

How The Process Works

The items are brought to our warehouse. You can bring the items yourself, (click here for details of how to find us), arrange your own courier or removals firm, or we can quote for and arrange collection.

We research the key selling points and guide price for your items. We offer as much as possible for sale, but we let you know if we have to reject anything up front (for example if it is not allowed on eBay or if we feel it has no chance of selling well: as a rough guide our minimum commission is £25, but this is not a guaranteed sale price). We have a long-running partnership with Oxfam and offer a free disposal service for rejected items. Alternatively, you can collect them within a week or ask us to store them for a fee.

Items are professionally photographed and high quality descriptions are submitted to eBay. You are sent a link to the live auctions so that you can see them. We also submit to other marketplaces and try to sell directly to give you a better chance of making a sale, but always keeping prices in line with the offer on eBay. We are always happy to receive feedback on listings and pricing.

It's not just a single auction -- we manage the entire sales process: relisting at no extra charge; adjusting prices gradually over time; and managing buyer questions & viewings. Our proprietary strategy has been designed by Cambridge mathematicians to tease out the best market value rather than just 'clear it quick' at any price - the process takes time to complete but we believe is the best sales strategy. You can see updates as we receive them in the seller section of our website. If you'd like to withdraw items before they sell, you can do this and we'll post them back to you (just our £25 minimum commission is charged).

Once an item has sold, we process payment, carefully pack and ship your items and manage any buyer complaints or returns. You get paid in our monthly cheque-run after all of your batch has sold and the returns window has closed.