Get an expert valuation before selling

We'll then give you 50% off the valuation fee when you consign your item for sale.
Independent experts with experience working for Sotheby's and Christie's
Upload your photographs and description for a valuation within 48hrs
£9.99 fee per valuation - with a discount for bulk buys
£5 refund given on items subsequently consigned for sale with a valuation over £100.
Suitable for furniture, antiques and collectables

Get An Expert Opinion

Stuff U Sell have teamed up with a group of experts to provide an independent valuation service. Each expert has experience working for either Sotherby's or Christie's and has relevant knowledge in their field. Simply upload your photos with any information you have on the item, pay the valuation fee and they will provide a valuation certificate - typically within 48hrs.

The valuation service is suitable for a wide range of furniture, antiques, collectables and rarities.

Let's go Dutch

Valuations cost £9.99 - with a discount for bulk purchases -- three for £25.99 and ten for £79.99 (that's two for free). The valuation certificate is yours to keep whether you use our service or not. But for items valued at £100 or more, we'll pay you back £5 when you consign them to us for sale -- saving you half the cost. It's our way of recommending the service.

I'd like a valuation!

To get a valuation you'll need to upload some photos of your item and anything that you know about its history and submit it with your payment to the experts.