Declutter your wardrobe and make some money

If it's time to restyle, let us help you make the most of it:
- No more indecision: we will sort through what's saleable and what goes to charity
- Straight-forward and hassle-free: put it in a box and we'll collect
- High-quality eBay listings: dedicated fashion team working on your items
- Simple commission structure so we get paid when you do

Time for a clear out?

Wardrobe full, but still got nothing to wear? It’s time to clear out those old clothes and make room for the new look. Clutter experts say that anything that you haven’t worn for a year should go – but where to: some will go to the charity shop, but some must be worth some money on eBay?

The best sellers in fashion tend to be the designer brands – for example Jimmy Choo shoes, Diane Von Furstenberg dresses and Chanel handbags all get great prices on eBay, even with gentle wear. But isn’t it a hassle to sort through it all and sell it?

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We’ll sort it whilst you go shopping!

That’s where we come in. We have years of experience selling on eBay and a team of fashion experts who will photograph your clothing on mannequins in our studios. We will also sort through all your things to identify anything unsaleable - we’ll try to get as much sold as we can, but some low value items we may choose to reject (we have a minimum commission of £25). Anything we decide up front that can't won't sell, you can have back or we will find a good home for - either to charity, recycling, re-use or scrap.

It’s simple – let us make clearing your wardrobe hassle-free. We can collect a box from anywhere in the UK for just £15, so give us a call today on 0800 046 1100 to discuss how we can help or click here to contact us

Please note: We do not handle fakes or unauthorised products of any kind, so we may ask for some proof of authenticity if we have any doubt about an item. If you aren’t sure, please don’t risk it!

Customer Feedback

"I was clearing out my wardrobe and wanted to sell some clothes, shoes and handbags. I had some almost brand-new designer items and so I contacted Stuff U Sell as they’d been recommended by a friend. Stuff U Sell arranged for everything to be collected by courier. They did everything and a few weeks later I received a cheque in the post. It was very quick and easy and I can use the money to repopulate my wardrobe!"

Alexia L – Customer 11612 – Bloomsbury London WC1