We take all of the hassle out of dealing with stuff.

When it sells we typically get higher prices than regular eBay sellers. We only get paid when you do.
UK’s leading Trading Assistant with over 100,000 feedback and £6m of sales
Research shows we get 25% higher prices than regular eBay sellers
We work purely on commission – incentivised to get you higher prices
End-to-end service – from collection to cheque
Featured in the national press and the choice of TV companies

Why eBay?

As eBay is a marketplace of over 17 million users, Stuff U Sell can reach a far larger audience of potential buyers than the traditional auction house. This means that for unusual or higher value items we can often secure sales prices many times greater than a local auction house can achieve.

Why Use Stuff U Sell?

We have achieved excellent prices for our clients selling items including antique furniture, art, musical instruments, jewellery and designer handbags, as well as architectural salvage (mantelpieces, antique doors etc.) and even kitchens.

Why Are We Better?

We draw on years of experience to research your item for valuation, we produce a suite of professional photographs and allocate the optimum auction strategy for your item in its target market.