Complaints Policy


We hope that you will be delighted with our service. However, if there is anything that is unclear, or that you do not understand, then we are always delighted to explain. Sometimes things go wrong and we need to know to be able to fix them. We are committed to trading fairly and dealing with complaints openly, honestly, politely and directly. We expect that you will behave in the same way.

Customer Service

We find that most problems can be solved quickly and easily by email with our Customer Service team who can be reached by email

Please include a phone number as we may need to call you to discuss details of your complaint and resolve it for you.

Escalation to the Operations Manager

If you have had a written response from our Customer Service Team and you are still not satisfied, then you can escalate the matter by emailing our Operations Manager. To do so, please email with the subject "FAO Operations Manager" to and include -

  1. a short summary your complaint
  2. why you are not happy with the response given and
  3. the resolution that you are looking for

If you have not had a final response already from Customer Services or you do not include this detail then you may be asked to resubmit your escalation for consideration. The Operations Manager will review your email and the Customer Service response and establish what has occurred. This can take a little time to complete and you should expect to have an answer within 14 days, often sooner for simple escalations.

Board Review

In very rare circumstances, you may wish to pursue a claim against the company, and in this case, The Board will perform a fresh and independent review. This will provide a final written answer and any offer of settlement and is required should you wish to pursue your claim further in the Courts.

Your Letter Of Claim should include -

  1. a short narrative summary of why you have a claim
  2. details of the claim (the reason in law that you have suffered a loss)
  3. the precise amount claimed (or the action sought) and your calculation to arrive at this value
  4. copies of any relevant facts which you wish the Board to consider

You Letter of Claim may be rejected if it does not contain sufficient information

Post it to:-

  • The Company Secretary
  • StuffUSell Ltd
  • GU.1.20 Grand Union Studios
  • 332 Ladbroke Grove
  • London
  • W10 5AD

The Company Secretary will acknowledge receipt of your Letter and is responsible for bringing your Claim to the Board. He will inform you of when your Claim will be reviewed (Board meetings are typically held once a month) and when you should expect a reply -- typically within 28 days of receipt. He will interview staff and review the Operations Manager's response and may ask clarifying questions: for him to put your case to the Board effectively, it is essential you provide him with as all the information on which you will rely if your claim goes to Court.