Pricing and Fees

The following fees apply to the assisted selling services provided by Stuff U Sell

Commission charges for sold items

35% of the final sales price on eBay. When Stuff U Sell sells your item on eBay, we charge a commission of 35% of the final sale price on eBay, subject to any returns, refunds or claims and excluding any premium postage paid by the buyer. The commission will be deducted from the total item sales price due to you.

Transaction costs for sold items

When your items sell, we make payments to cover eBay fees, Paypal charges and postage costs. To be fair to all sellers, these are calculated as accurately as possible to match the actual cost to you for the item as if you had sold it yourself plus the VAT we are required to charge. Notes: This is simplified and where this differs from the actual costs charged to us, we guarantee to absorb the difference*. Where the buyer pays to upgrade to an international or faster shipping service, we take the premium and your transaction costs do not change. Where refunds are agreed with buyers, the transaction fees are not refunded but there is no further charge made for any disbursement incurred handling the refund.

Marketplace fees: For items sold on eBay and Amazon, 12% upto a maximum of £310 per item, plus 3.32% promoted listings and coupons fee. For items sold elsewhere, half this amount.

Payment charges: 36p + 3.48% when the buyer pays by Paypal, eBay Payments or Credit card. Otherwise free of charge.

Shipping charges: Each item sold to a buyer is charged at £7.89 for items upto 2kg and under 1m long; £14.86 for items between 2kg and 20kg and under 1m and £38 for all other items**.

Return and Withdrawal fees

Free Returns. Items which we reject for sale on initial assessment will be returned to you free of charge provided they are under 25kg. Heavier items can be collected or will be returned at cost if you require

£25 per item withdrawn. Stuff U Sell charges a withdrawal fee of GBP 25 (inclusive of postage) for withdrawal of each item which has already been listed on eBay at least once. Withdrawal will only be accepted if no sale has yet been agreed with a buyer.

Items will be sent back to you on receipt of your payment of withdrawal fees. See How to make a payment to Stuff U Sell


* for the year to Jul 31st 2019 the total amount paid to marketplaces, payment processors and couriers was within 2% of the transaction fees charged to all customers.

** based on Royal Mail Tracked 48 service consumer price plus VAT for 1kg small parcel, 5kg medium parcel and 20kg medium parcel plus a £2 packing fee. Prices will vary if these prices change

This page last updated 01/01/2022