Selling in the New Year? Top tips to get the best price for your gadget

Press Release

9 December 2010

New Year is a peak season for online market activity; many people sell their unwanted gifts on eBay for extra cash or to upgrade to a new item. Last year's post-Christmas eBay selling spree started on Christmas morning and grew steadily until it peaked in mid January with 27 items being listed each second.

Consumer technology sells well in the 'pre-owned' market: if an item is in good condition, preferably with all original cables and packaging, it can achieve 40 - 50% of its original RRP. For example, a Kodak Zi8 camcorder, which retailed last Christmas at around £117, can now fetch up to £70 on eBay if it's in great condition. However, it's a crowded marketplace and sellers need to stand out in order to get the best price for their goods.

Top Tips for Selling on eBay

Stuff U Sell, a leading expert in online selling, recommends sellers prepare early and research their market so that when they list their items, they attract the best buyers. David Brackin, founder of Stuff U Sell, has sold over 120,000 items on eBay in six years. David's top tips for selling on eBay are:

  1. Research your market: know how other items similar to yours are being described and the category they're listed in. Include the most appropriate search terms in your item description to reach your target market.
  2. Provide as much detailed information as possible including the age and quality of the item, its size, weight, packaging etc. If there is any damage be honest - it saves trouble later.
  3. Use quality photographs showing the item from different sides and angles. Stuff U Sell uses professional digital SLRs and has light boxes, mannequins and backdrops to provide a good presentation.
  4. If possible, include original packaging, manuals, operating instructions, guarantees or certificates of authentication.
  5. Choose the optimal listing and pricing strategy for your item. There are very few categories where you can just start an auction at 99p and hope the market will get you the best price. Know when to use reserve prices or Buy It Now/ Best Offer listings and choose your auction timing carefully.

By getting your presentation and selling strategy right you can have a significant effect on the price you achieve. Research shows that Stuff U Sell achieves up to 25% more for their items than regular private sellers.

Notes for Editors

Stuff U Sell is one of the UK's largest eBay trading assistants. Items for sale are delivered to our warehouse, or collected by us, and we do the rest (research, listing, photography, liaising with buyers, shipping, logistics, customer service, and settlement).

We are an eBay Top Rated Seller and "Titanium Power Seller", with over 120,000 sold items, and 99+% positive feedback rating. Buyers can be certain that their transactions will go smoothly and they are dealing with a seller who has consistently met & exceeded the requirements established by eBay. See our current auctions on eBay.

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