Go from Fashionista to Recessionista with Stuff U Sell

Press Release

20 March 2009

Is the recession leaving you in a fashion fix? When we're all counting the pennies, it's time to take a fresh look at how to make the most of our wardrobes and start to release their value.

Stuff U Sell, the UK's leading eBay Trading Assistant is helping fashionistas become recessionistas by turning their stylish clothes into cash - it's simple, you just decide what to sell and they do the rest.


You don't need any experience of selling; simply drop off your items at the Stuff U Sell processing centre in Park Royal NW10, or call to arrange for a pick up.

A recent survey by Churchill Home insurance found that the average woman spends around £13,000 in her lifetime on clothes she never wears. Selling online with Stuff U Sell is a convenient way to both streamline your wardrobe and help fund your next shopping expedition.

Stuff U Sell are eBay 'Platinum Power Sellers', with over 30,000 items sold, and a 99% positive feedback rating. This means you are dealing with the eBay experts who will ensure your items are presented in the best possible way and that you will always receive the best price.

According to Dominique Radclyffe, Marketing Manager at Stuff U Sell, "Women everywhere have contacted us since the credit crunch with all sorts of brands like Prada, Versace, Gucci, Vivienne Westwood, D&G and Jimmy Choo. It's easy really; we evaluate whatever is given to us so people have an idea of what an item may be worth."

"Then we take care of all of the photography & descriptions and if an item has a resale value of more than £30 then we can usually sell it", she adds, "The thing to remember is that because we take a share of the sale proceeds for our part of the process, it is always in our interest to achieve the highest possible price for our customers. One of the reasons they keep coming back to us time and time again!"

Stuff U Sell: fashionistas - it's never been easier to sell your stuff.

Notes for Editors

Stuff U Sell was founded in 2004 to help businesses and individuals access eBay and other internet marketplaces, providing an end-to-end hassle-free service. Whatever the reason for sale - raising funds, clearing space or recycling unwanted goods - Stuff U Sell's motto is that it's never been easier to sell your stuff.

Stuff U Sell handles anything which will sell on eBay - from DVDs to fitted kitchens - and currently has over 2,000 listings on eBay, representing more than 10,000 individual stock units. These auctions include a fully-functional Antique 1861 Albion Printing Press and a large collection of ornate Saint Louis Thistle Crystalware.

Stuff U Sell is a Platinum eBay Powerseller with 33,000+ feedback, 99%+ positive, and has a large following on eBay with many delighted repeat buyers. Stuff U Sell's experience and expertise in selling allows them to devise winning sales strategies; their research shows that this can lead to significantly higher prices across a whole range of categories.

They offer sellers a wide range of collection options - anything from a courier bike to fetch a pair of Jimmy Choos to a triple-crewed 7.5-tonne removals van for lifting and carrying antique furniture - or items can be dropped-in to their 16,000 sq ft Park Royal facility. Everything is then photographed in their studios and descriptions are written by their in-house listing experts. Once a pricing and sales strategy is decided, the auctions are put live on eBay where any bidder questions are promptly answered. Following sale, payment is taken, buyer identity verified and a wide range of courier and postal services used to dispatch and track deliveries worldwide.

Transactions are completely anonymous for the seller, and a number of celebrities have used the service to quietly sell unwanted possessions. All returns, claims, fee payments and administration are handled by Stuff U Sell.

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For further press information, contact Jessica Wray on 0800 046 1100 or email her at pr@stuffusell.co.uk